From the beginning there never was a secret, every mystery you have ever wondered about has been hidden in plain sight.

We are the Ātmeśvara Mārga School, and if we took ourselves seriously enough to have an "official" voice, this would be it. We are dedicated to the process of human integration, of moving from the segregated, mechanistic, conditioned state, to the Integrated, unconditioned state of the awake, adult human.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

knight in shining armor

Remember the Tin Man? Protected, yes. But immobilized by his armor. Lacking in life experience and doomed to merely watch from the sidelines. Longing for some heart.

Who, or what, can protect you from experiencing pain? The fear of pain and discomfort is one of the biggest blocks to the awakened state. I was driving down the street recently and a flash of brightness caught my eye. I noticed that up on the roof of an auto parts store was what appeared to be a medieval knight in shining armor. Above it all, looking down on the street, the silver metal flashed in the sun, but revealed nothing of what was beneath it.

The pain of truth is temporary, but the pain of lies goes on forever. In the awakening process, the remote, protected knight must strip away her armor, come down from the roof and stop pretending to be a participant from afar. The metal plates must be peeled away, one by one, so the tender flesh beneath is revealed, and may revel in the bright light of truth. The vulnerability of this process is often painful and is best undertaken with gentleness towards self.

Truth is. As simply as that. Can you remove your armor, one piece at a time, to allow the experience of truth? At first it feels like there are many bits to Truth, but that's more a condition of the small ways it filters in. Once the armor of un-truth is completely gone, Truth will be experienced as it is- that which cannot be simpler. In the meantime, keep de-armoring yourself. Come down off that roof. Become unguarded.