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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Windows of Opportunity

Clear intention, effective action, and appropriate timing work together to create success. If any one of these is off, we're unlikely to achieve our goals.

The Universe breathes in and breathes out. Windows open and windows close. There are some things which do not operate on a time line, and many which are "available for a limited time only". If you want that certain job, you must submit your resume before the decision of who to interview is made. If an August tomato harvest is your heart's desire, you must start seeds in early spring and pay attention to when the weather turns warm enough to put the plants in the ground. Developing awareness of when the window is open requires sensitivity and attentiveness to the moment.

Sometimes we struggle with goals because we were busy looking somewhere else while the window was open. Distractions can smear the glass and distort perception of what actually lies on the other side. Devoting too much energy to something that is not responsive is like continuously bumping against a closed window. Push too hard and the glass breaks. Stand gazing through the window and remain forever in a state of separation from your goal.

Picking up on the clues dropped by the Universe requires paying attention to where there is a return on expended energy. What is the view of the universe you wish to see? When you find the window that provides that view, watch for it to open and act accordingly.

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FastDart said...

Very wise advice, the glass broke yesterday.