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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Something to think about

"Understanding is acquired, as I have already said, from the totality of
information intentionally learned and from personal experiencings; whereas
knowledge is only the automatic rememberence of words in a certain

I must tell you that in our brotherhood there are two very old brethren;
one is called Brother Ahl and the other Brother Sez. These brethren have
undertaken the obligation of periodically visiting of all the monasteries of
our order and explaining various aspects of the essence of divinity....

The sermons of these two brethren, who are to an almost equal degree holy
men and who speak the same truths, have nevertheless a different effect on
all our brethren and on me in particular.

When Brother Sez speaks it is indeed like the song of the birds in Paradise;
from what he says one is quite, so to say, turned inside out; one becomes as
though entranced. His speech 'purls' like a stream and one no longer wishes
anything else in life but to listen to the voice of Brother Sez.

But Brother Ahl's speech has almost the opposite effect. He speaks badly and
indistinctly, evidently because of his age. No one knows how old he is.
Brother Sez is also very old - it said three hundred years old - but he is
still a hale old man, whereas in Brother Ahl the weakness of old age is
clearly evident.

The stronger the impression made at the moment by the words of Brother Sez,
the more this impression evaporates, until there ultimately remains in the
hearer nothing at all.

But in the case of Brother Ahl, although at first what he says makes almost
no impression, later, the gist of it takes on a different form, more and
more each day, and is instilled as a whole into the heart and remains there
for ever.

When we became aware of this and tried to discover why it was so, we came to
the unanimous conclusion that the sermons of Brother Sez proceeded only from
his mind and therefore acted on our minds, whereas those of Brother Ahl
proceeded from his being and acted on our being."

G. I. Gurdjieff "Meetings With Remarkable Men"

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