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Sunday, January 4, 2009



One day Mulla Nasruddin approached the border between Turkey and Iraq leading his donkeys loaded with bales of straw. The guards at the border stopped him and asked what he was doing. “I’m smuggling” was his response. He was subjected to a thorough search by the guards, who found no contraband or other suspicious items. Reluctantly, they allowed him to pass.
Next month, Mulla Nasruddin again approached the border with his donkeys. Again the guards inquired as to his reason for crossing. Again Mulla responded “I’m smuggling”. And again, he was thoroughly searched with nothing found. The guards were again left scratching their heads as they let him pass through.

Month after month, and year after year, this scenario played itself out at the border. Many years later, one of the guards was in Cairo and he encountered Mulla Nasruddin in the market. “Mulla” he said, “All those years, when you were crossing the border, you said you were smuggling, yet we never found anything in your packs. You are now beyond our laws, so please, I must know, what were you smuggling?”

Mulla Nasruddin smiled and said, “Donkeys”.


Fenna Diephuis Stoub said...

I've always loved this story!!! so perfect for your blog name!

Hey I'd like to come to the last class of the upcoming 5T series. Just need a tune up and the scrutinizing eye of mushtaq. I'm not sure what day that is, but let me know if it's ok.

Also I'm sending someone your way who might be interested in the upcoming class.

Janet said...

No problem Fenna. Dates are listed in the previous article.