From the beginning there never was a secret, every mystery you have ever wondered about has been hidden in plain sight.

We are the Ātmeśvara Mārga School, and if we took ourselves seriously enough to have an "official" voice, this would be it. We are dedicated to the process of human integration, of moving from the segregated, mechanistic, conditioned state, to the Integrated, unconditioned state of the awake, adult human.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As You Seek, So Shall You Find

Refining the art of asking questions is a worthy endeavor. It can be difficult to understand that questions are more important than answers, and that as seekers on our journey to know God, Ourselves and the Universe we must learn how to ask questions of value. This is not the same as looking for a valuable answer. When the focus is on the answer, we have already created a limitation. Therefore, much time may be spent searching for the right question. The one which can remain unanswered can continue leading deeper and opening wider vistas. The quality of the inquiry determines the quality of the response. Consider then what you hope to gain with your question and know that you will get what you ask for.

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